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Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Meet Kenisha Darden: A Military Veteran's Wife, Mother of Three, Entrepreneur, and Celebrated Author

Kenisha Darden wears many hats. She is not just a dedicated military veteran's wife and a loving mother of three beautiful children; she's also a celebrated author and the owner of Darden Quality of Works, an innovative remote work solution.

Kenisha's journey into entrepreneurship began in 2012 out of sheer necessity. After the premature birth of her third child, Kenisha needed a way to contribute to her growing family's demands while providing attentive care for her son, who was later diagnosed with Autism. Unfortunately, her existing job did not align with her son's needs.

This challenge inspired Kenisha to seek alternative employment options, but success remained elusive. Out of this necessity, Darden Quality of Works was born. Kenisha understands the significance of being present for her family, and with this in mind, she decided to extend this opportunity to others.

Darden Quality of Works offers parents, single mothers, college students, and anyone seeking a viable income the chance to work from home. Kenisha and her dedicated team work closely with their agents, providing that extra personal touch and guiding them through the process to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you're interested in learning more about Kenisha's journey, you can explore her inspirational books, including "Embracing Menopause: Unveiling the Path to Renewed Health and Joy," "Decoding the Journey to Greater Well-Being," "Menopause Mixology: Juicing & Smoothie Recipes for a Balanced Journey," and "Meditation Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Enhanced Mindfulness and Personal Transformation."

To purchase any of these books, visit Kenisha's author page on Amazon at Amazon Books . If you're interested in exploring her unique creations, such as her T-shirt line, please visit Esty t-shirt. 

Join Kenisha and her team today to begin your work-at-home journey. Discover the flexibility and opportunities that await you at Darden Quality of Works.