Here are three reasons why real estate agents need an answering service

Here are three reasons why real estate agents need an answering service

When choosing a real estate agent, personal attention is of the utmost importance. As a result, if you put them on hold or send them to voicemail, you will not have the chance to show them how much you value their business, and they may already be talking to the next agent in town.

What are the benefits of phone answering services for real estate businesses?

Real estate professionals can benefit from outsourcing their phone answering service because it will help them capture leads, free up their valuable time, and make them available to their clients 24/7. Take advantage of these three benefits of using a live answering service to never miss an opportunity.

  1. Capture Leads
  2. Appointment Scheduling
  3. Free Up Valuable Time

1) Capture Leads

What's the most important aspect of lead capture? A prompt response. In research, it has been demonstrated that if you return a call within 30 minutes of the client placing it, you have a 6 times higher chance of securing the client. Callers will be delighted to speak with a live receptionist, who will answer every call in a professional manner.

2) Appointment Scheduling

In addition to offering prompt and professional reception services, answering services are also useful for confirming appointments with potential buyers and sellers. Scheduling in-office appointments, open houses, property inspections and more is made easy by integrating your online calendar.

3) Free Up Valuable Time

Outsourcing your phone answering service will prevent you from being confined to a desk or neglecting other clients. Whether it's showings, open houses, or appointments, real estate agents are constantly on the go. In the event that you cannot answer the phone, phone answering services make sure that you will never miss out on sales.

Never Miss a Lead with Phone Answering Services

Enlisting a live answering service is a worthwhile investment for the real estate industry. With so much time spent outside the office, phone service is the obvious choice for efficiency tools.

Are you considering outsourcing a phone answering service as an option for your real estate business? Contact us for a free consultation and find out how you can improve your business and avoid missing valuable opportunities.

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