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About Darden Quality Of Works

About Us

At Darden Quality of Works, we champion the cause of flexible, remote work opportunities, empowering individuals to reshape their professional trajectories. As a reputable staffing agency for independent contractors keen on working from home, we are not only recognized with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau but are also esteemed members of the Douglas Chamber of Commerce. Our ethos is anchored in integrity, excellence, and unwaver... Read more

Our Mission

At Darden Quality of Works, we strive to redefine professional horizons by offering flexible, remote job opportunities tailored to the unique needs of working parents, single parents, college students, and military spouses. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our esteemed membership with the Douglas Chamber of Commerce accentuate our commitment to integrity, flexibility, and the personal empowerment of our contractors. It's imp... Read more

Meet the Owner

Meet Kenisha Darden: A Military Veteran's Wife, Mother of Three, Entrepreneur, and Celebrated Author

Kenisha Darden exemplifies the essence of resilience and multifaceted talent. As a dedicated military veteran's wife and a loving mother of three, she balances her family life with her entrepreneurial and literary endeavors with grace. Her leadership as the owner of Darden Quality of Works stands as a testament to her innovative spirit and d... Read more

Agents Who Achieve Work-Life Balance

12 Reviews

Sylv S.

25 May 2023

25 May


Working with darden quality of works remote staffing service has exceeded my expectations. Being able to choose the days I work is very convenient for me since ...
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Andrea Richardson

31 January 2023

31 January


Awesome to work beside resolves any issues I have with open communication